Thanks to its high content of sebum-regulating minerals such as zinc from micro-algae and Quebec nettle, this 100% natural solid shampoo makes it possible to space the washes of hair, while giving life to your hair, without weigh it down or dry it.


The synergy of the micro-algae, precious oils and ayurvedic powders in this bar gives it an exceptional volumizing power, as well as purifying, restorative and soothing properties.


A real treat for hair with a greasy tendency or lack of volume!   


  •  Objectives: zero-waste, efficiency, simplicity   
  •  No preservatives, no plastic, no sulphates     
  •  Vegan  
  •  Handmade in Quebec  
  •  Durable and easy to carry (55 g)


Ingredients: Sodium cocoyl isethionate, Nigella Sativa seed extract, Urtica dioica powder, Illite green clay, Stearic acid, Citrus aurantium flower water, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice, Mangifera indica butter, Tetraselmis chui extract, Argania spinosa kernel oil, Acacia concinna fruit powder, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Mentha spicata extract, Ricinus connunis seed extract, Melaleuca Alternifolia oil, Citrus Paradisi Oil, Natural Fragrance


Explanation of the main ingredients:


#1 Sodium cocoyl isethionate: SCI is a mild, non-aggressive surfactant derived from coconut. It cleans deeply and provides a soft and creamy foam. 


#2 Green Clay: From a volcanic rock, it contains sediments that can effectively absorb excess sebum, toxins and purify the scalp to let it breathe again.


#3 Chui Tetraselmis: This micro-algae cultivated in our laboratory has an astringent and seboregulatory action, able to reduce the greasy texture of the hair. It is rich in omega-3, protein and zinc, highly assimilable by the scalp.


#4 Nigella oil: It regulates the production of sebum and nourishes the hair without adding more oil, while making then more soft. It also calms the itchy scalp and strengthens the hair fiber.


#5 Mango butter: It prevents the appearance of forks and ensures the sheathing and shine of the hair, moisturizing it without weighing it down.


#6 Nettle powder: With its high content of scopoletine, a compound found in its roots that reduces excess oil, Nettle helps reduce the appearance of a greasy scalp, increasing the time between washes and keep hair cleaner for longer.


#7 Argan oil: It strengthens the scalp and restore its natural softness. Also recommended for dandruff and hair loss.


#8 Shikakai powder: This ayurvedic washing powder is able to clean and purify the hair fiber deeply without attacking it, thanks to its richness in saponins. It prevents dandruff, moisturizes, detangles and adds shine to the hair.


#9 Aloe Vera: It allows a healthy regrowth of the hair, ensuring the blood circulation of the scalp. Perfect for soothing and purifying irritated or itchy scalps.


#10 Orange blossom water: It tones lifeless hair, bringing its revitalizing, purifying and moisturizing properties.


#11 Linseed powder: It contains keratin, which makes it easier to grow the hair as well as proteins that promote the absorption of this keratin by the hair.


#2 Verbena extract: Verbena has astringent, anti-inflammatory and purifying properties. It also soothes itchy sclap and reduces dandruff. 

AURORA BOREALIS Shampoo bar Volumizing / Sebum regulator / Purifying


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