Did you know that a billion tubes of toothpaste are thrown away each year?


This reinvented toothpaste is the only healthy and waste-free way to replace the paste we have always used, without compromising on quality or taste.


The TANITABS, freshly pressed in Dorval, will help you reduce your ecological impact without much, if at all, disruption of your normal routine.


  • In addition to avoiding plastic and using less water than a traditional toothpaste, these eco-friendly tablets are easily transportable and will make your brushing a more pleasant experience!


  • Each menthol tablet contains the right dose required to effectively clean your teeth without any loss. Just chew it like a candy and brush your teeth normally to create the foam and spread it all over the mouth.


OUR MISSION is to give you a healthier and more radiant smile, thanks to a 100% natural formulation and high quality ingredients with multiple benefits.


  • Leaves an instant feeling of freshness and cleanliness
  • Fights against bacterial growth responsible for cavities, bad breath, and plaque cavities.
  • Polishes and remineralizes the tooth
  • Improves whiteness and shine of teeth
  • Protects the gums


  • 100% natural
  • Menthol taste
  • Vegan and cruelty-free




Ingredients : Xylitol, Calcium Carbonate, Kaolin (Argile Blanche), Sodium bicarbonate (Bicarbonate de soude), Aloe Barbadensis leaf powder, Sodium cocoyl isethionate (Noix de coco), Stevia, Arômes naturels, Hydroxyapatite, Camellia sinensis extract (Thé vert)), Menthol, Acacia Senegal gum, Melaleuca Alternafolia (Arbre à thé) Leaf Oil, Citrus Grandis (Pamplemousse) seed Extract.


  • Xylitol: Natural sweetener, from birch bark, that strengthens the mineralization of tooth enamel. It also reduces the risk of cavities and infections by destroying the bacteria that attack the enamel. 
  • White clay: Its purifying and astringent properties allows to gently rid the teeth of toxins and bacteria which have accumulated there (neutral pH)

  • Hydroxyapatite: it is the main component of our teeth. As a supplement, it repairs and softens the enamel, while improving its shine and natural color. Also fights tooth sensitivity.

  • Tea Tree (essential oil): Helps sanitize the mouth and teeth. Its powerful anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties makes it an excellent oral antiseptic.

  • Grapefruit seed extract: In the plant world, this ingredients holds the largest spectrum of activity against viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. 

Toothpaste tablets - 160 TABS


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